If your dog has trust in you, your dog will go anywhere with you!

"Walking Coco was an event... If I encountered another dog, she would lunge and bark and snarl [...] and it wasn't even other dogs, it could be bikes or skateboarders. Then [Rich & Christina] came to visit and she has been a star. [...] So now she does well in doggie daycare too, she spents about five hours in a play group, sometimes as large as twelve other dogs!"

"We recently adopted Brice from Response-a-bull organization (RAB). RAB did a fantastic job in caring and providing a superb professional service in his placement with us. I have not had a dog for over 30 years, and needed training in proper dog handling. I was suggested by RAB to reach out to Misguided Mutts and look into some training. Well after discussions and sorting out the logistics, one Friday Brice arrived w/Rich. Right out of the car Rich was on top with behavioral training with me and Brice. He showed me how to take a calm and assertive role. He can read the dog in ways I have not seen before and is always a few steps ahead of it (which I think is the key to properly handle a dog). Rich has been here now for couple of times and I am looking forward to seeing him again shortly. Being in MD, he drives all the way from West Chester. Brice an I enjoy great times together due to great work RAB did and awesome training Rich did. Many times, when we sit on the bench and watch the sunset together, I think of Rich and Caitlyn for all their help in making the moment happen. I highly recommend Rich for anyone who is looking for a dog for the first time or not. There is a lot to learn and mostly reinforcing proper behavior. We need folks like Misguided Mutts & RAB who give their lives to such a noble a just cause."

"I went to visit Petey and Netti last night and just needed to post the good news! They were both very excited to see me but were very responsive and for the first time ever I did not get jumped on by two overly excited dogs! It was wonderful:) Thank you for working with them!"

"Thank you to Rich and Christina for working with our Lola last night. We have not had any luck with other trainers but after several minutes or so Lola was obedient and acting like a toatally different dog. Kudos to you both. If you want the very best trainer/behavior specialist I highly recommend Misguided Mutts." — Craig C

"We wanted to tell you guys a quick story about Lola… Yesterday was her official birthday, she turned 3! We made her re-birthday May 3rd, my birthday – the same day she was going to be put down and we saved her in 2011! Anyway, we decided to try to take her to Concord Pets so she could choose a present! She did EXCELLENT! At first when we took her out of the car she was pulling too hard to get into the door and the collar was choking her…Once we got her to sit and fixed the placement of it, she was so good. There weren't any dogs in the store, just people and she could care less about them…the cats in the cages up front caught her eye, but that was all, we turned around and just ignored them. She was actually "shopping", then chose something and we took her home! THANK YOU- THANK YOU - THANK YOU - We would never have been able to even attempt that trip with the "old" Lola! You guys are AWESOME!" — Donna C

"I recently took on a puppy mill breeder dog as a foster. The poor girl was depressed, had never walked on a leash, and was content lying in her own filth. A friend put me in touch with Rich and Christina for some assistance and one visit from them made a huge difference. Rich and Christina immediately took charge, wouldn't allow the dog to mope around, and had her walking around the block in one visit. The two of them accomplished more with her in 30 minutes than I had in three days. They not only helped out my foster dog by getting her on her feet, but gave me the skills and confidence that I needed to be a good foster mom."

"We recently adopted a one year old dog from the ACCT shelter in Philadelphia. While she was living at the shelter she was my Pen Pal. She was the sweetest, calmest, most quiet dog there. Both inside and outside of her kennel. I had the pleasure of being her Pen Pal for a month until I received the news, she was just too sick to stay there. So, we took her home to foster her until she recovered from a bad cough and some skin issues. We failed as fosters...we decided to adopt:) As time went on we could see our girl Cocoa changing before our eyes. She was coming out of her shell. What a great girl she is! Well, until she encounters a skateboarder, bikes, or other dogs on a walk! Her reactions to these was quite the show. Lots of pulling, jumping, spinning in mid air and barking! No matter what we did we could not break this behavior. We contacted Rich and Christina and after an hour or so Cocoa was sitting on the sidewalk while kids on skateboards were all around her! She was relaxed and just observed. We continued on our walk and encountered several dogs and with Rich and Christina's help she had no ""incidents"" she was walking like a true lady on the leash! I cannot begin to tell you how empowering it is to walk her now, to have such a well behaved dog, who can now be an ambassador for her breed. They taught us so much in the short time they were here, and we are forever grateful for that."

"Rich, I just finished a nice relaxing walk with Tanner, Rowdy and Rachel, and then they did a 'down' right after the walk! We're making progress! Looking forward to seeing you in March!"

"Rich & Christina did more for my dog tonight than I've been able to accomplish in 6 years. Abby and I thank you!! We can't wait to learn more at our next lesson!!!"

"I recently requested the assistance of Richard from :Misguided Mutts Dog Behavior LLC with my new chihuahua, Lola Lolita. She chews everything in site, tugs so hard on her leash when being walked and doesn't follow directions, among other things. Richard immediately went to work. He taught me how to put her in 'place' where she will sit and wait to be called upon. She is going GREAT with the leash walking. So much so that she does better than my other chihuahua. She waits patiently at the door for her command. Pebbles just whines and whines. Lola also waits for the food to be given to her instead of going wild as she initially did. In the beginning I was highly frustrated and felt nothing could be done but I eventually realized that it was I that really needed to make adjustments as Lola needed patience and time to adjust. She's just a puppy. I am still learning and Lola has a way to go but I am quite certain that with the great tips provided by Richard Lola will be the great dog she is meant to be. THANKS SO MUCH, RICHARD!"

I can't say enough good things about Christina and Rich! They worked tirelessly with one of my foster dogs who was extremely leash reactive. After a long weekend board and train with them, she came back bomb proof! Whats even more amazing about these two is that they offer weekend pack walks (out of their own time) to clients to touch up on issues or even just to enjoy a walk together with other dogs - a tired dog is a good dog, right!? When taking my foster dog to my first pack walk with them, I was terrified of how she would react. Rich and Christina worked their magic with her and she did 100x better than I ever expected, and I left smiling instead of in tears like I expected. They were there to correct any possible issues along the way and keep my confidence up. These two are passionate about their work and wonderful to work with! I'd recommend them to anyone!

Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate the help that I received from Rich and Christine. I had been in a situation where drastic changes had to be made in order for our family to be able to keep our pack together. Thank goodness I found out about misguided mutts!!! My pack is together and has made great changes! I would totally recommend this business for anyone that owns dogs. Whether it be small issues or big issues, they are there to guide you through it ! My dogs are happy dogs, thanks to misguided mutts!!!!

We started working with Rich and Christina rescuing our dog, Rocco, and realizing that since it was our first dog we really didn't know proper training techniques. Rocco tended to pull a lot on the leash, and he was reactive when seeing other dogs. We tried taking him to soccer games but it wasn't enjoyable because he was frenetic the whole time. Rich and Christina were amazing to work with because they not only taught us techniques to get Rocco to calm down, but they worked with us to help us understand what Rocco is thinking and why he might be behaving that way. Rich and Christina are incredibly knowledgeable and managed to give us tools to resolve the situation even after just one training lesson. They provided us with leashes and collars and instructions. Rocco is a pleasure to walk, and we now feel prepared to take him to soccer games again. As first time dog owners, the education Rich and Christina provided was a HUGE help in building our relationship with Rocco.

We sought out Rich and Christina for help with our pit mix, Alfie. Alfie had several small issues that we wanted taken care of quickly since we had a newborn in the home. Alfie displayed fear aggression when getting drops in his ears - our vet recommended a muzzle. He also was too excited when we had visitors, becoming very mouthy...and we didn't want any visitors screaming that a pit bull "bit" them!

We can now easily give Alfie ear drops and the place command has worked wonders for his excitement levels. In the process, our other dog Remy learned how to walk better on the leash. We also discovered during training that Alfie is reactive to basketballs, and we have since made huge progress on that issue, as well.

Even though our lessons are over, Rich and Christina are still available to answer my questions. The fact that they hold frequent pack walks to help us maintain all that we've learned and volunteer their time to shelter dogs that need their help is a true testament to their passion for helping people become better pack leaders to the dogs who need them. Thank you so much, Rich and Christina!

We are so blessed for Rich and Christina! The best dog trainers ever!! We could not be happier with the tools they have given us to raise our little girl, Willow:) We instantly saw results after meeting with Rich and Christina the first night! Their patience, teaching style and wealth of knowledge is impressive, and most of all effective! We cannot thank them enough- we look forward to many years with our perfect, well-trained princess Willow:) thank you x a million!!!

Rich and Christina are fantastic! Our dog Gidget was very reactive to cars, and very territorial around the house and fence. The car issue is a work in progress, but we have made PROGRESS. They taught us some great techniques to use that we can continue to practice on our own. We also have a new routine for getting Gidget under control when people come to the house--which was always a little terrifying for anyone new. For the first time, we have been able to talk to neighbors over the backyard fence without a lot of barking and snarling--she even sat quietly for awhile before wandering off, uninterested. This is huge. Rich and Christina are very relaxed, knowledgeable, and down to earth. Highly recommend.

Misguided Mutts is an excellent dog training team. Rich and Christina have great knowledge about dog obedience and relationship building. Additionally they were able to guide my whole family from my husband and I, my kids ages 7 and 11, and my mom age 80+ toward being consistent and successful dog owners/handlers. They are always available to answer quick questions and their weekly pack walks and group class help dog owners stay active with their training for low or no cost. They are talented and professional and I highly recommend them. With their guidance we have become confident about handling our dog at home and in the community.

The training that Swagger has undergone has changed our lives for the better. Swagger is a 6 year old 70lb. Pitbull Mix and a lot to handle. We no longer dread taking him on walks, but enjoy them. I would absolutely recommend the services that Rich and Christina provide. They allowed me to see that no dog is to old to be trained and that there was hope for Swagger. On top of all the great training they provide, they are also outstanding people that always provide encouragement and make you feel that you are never alone in the journey of training your dog.

Rich and Christina are the best trainers I have EVER had the pleasure of working with!

Avery is a rescue that was found wondering the streets of Philly. When she came to live with us she was overly focused on the people who would come to visit us. She would jump on them non stop, nibble fingers, and couldn't focus on anything else but that person. Misguided mutts came to the rescue. During the first visit I was able to walk both dogs like perfect ladies. Second visit Avery was doing great on place. This was much needed as she was about to have ACL surgery. Avery even did a board and train and came back a new dog. She stays on place when needed and her jumping is non existent. I highly recommend misguided mutts for all doggie training needs (the best is they genuinely love animals and donate their time to help shelter dogs)

I am so lucky to have found Rich and Christina. I highly recommend them as they have changed so much in my house. I have seen the biggest changes in my Dot and P and the best part is that I can trust them as if my babies are with family when I am away for business, etc. They joined me on my journey with my rescue pups and I am so thankful as they are wonderful...and Rich was even able to calm my anxiety! If you know me, that is HUGE!

I am so glad that Eddie and I worked with rich and christina! They are excellent trainers and have helped us so much! Before going to misguided mutts I was a little nervous to bring Eddie around other dogs. They helped me relax and taught me a lot about dog behavior and things I should look for. I couldn't ask for better trainers and would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again guys, you both rock :) --Lauren and Eddie

Thank you Rich and Christina! Before coming to Misguided Mutts I was anxious to walk my dog, Bailey. Literally anxious. I would take her to empty corporate centers on weekends and various parks at times that weren’t crowded. I could never just open our front door and walk her in my neighborhood for fear of seeing other dogs. Her reaction to other dogs, people on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. was embarrassing. She would bark (she sounds vicious when she barks), lunge, and pull me. The last straw was when we were walking on the Chester Valley Trail and she spotted a rabbit in the brush, she pulled me down to the ground. I can honestly say that Misguided Mutts has changed our lives. I no longer feel anxious, but confident when I walk my dog. I now enjoy walking her in my neighborhood, and it is so much more convenient! Not having that fear has been life changing. The fact that we are able to walk in downtown West Chester, past other dogs, loud cars etc. with ease is awesome. Rich and Christina were extremely helpful and honest. They pointed out what I was doing wrong, and showed me how my energy transfers to the dog. They also showed me techniques on how to handle on-coming dogs. Rich and Christina are very passionate about dog training. They devote their free time for client pack walks two weekends a month. If you have a reactive dog, try Misguided Mutts. They are AWESOME!

We came to Misguided Mutts because our Kona had made a bad choice with a stranger. I was so worried about him making that same choice again. Rich and Christina worked with both of our dogs, and us. They renewed our confidence in both dogs. We just had 7 "strangers" over for dinner and all of them left saying what a sweet and gentle dog Kona is. This was music to our ears, and we have you guys to thank!! I highly recommend Misguided Mutts to anyone that needs guidance with their pup!

I started working with Rich and Christina after we rescued Clyde. Amsterdog set up the training lessons for us with Rich. Being that Clyde is a Pitt Bull, I felt an extra responsibility to have a dog that was calm, gentle and well trained. We have had a wonderful experience dealing with Rich and Christina. They make learning a lot of fun and Clyde loves them. Clyde is well on his way to being a great dog to be around and Rich makes the learning part easy. I'm so glad I made the choice to stick with them after the lessons were done through the dog rescue. If you need a trainer, Misguided Mutts is the place to go!

Rich and Tina are awesome! They are compassionate, knowledgeable and truly care about each and every human/dog relationship with which they are involved! I drive over an hour to attend their training lessons and it is worth EVERY second. Both Boomer and I learn so much every time we meet - either individually or as part of a group class. Rich even traveled over 2 hours each way to help me introduce Boomer to my daughter's dog because it was so important for that introduction to go well. They go above and beyond!!!! I am so grateful to have found Misguided Mutts - thanks to them my foster is now a permanent part of the family!

We are so grateful for the individual classes, but also (and more importantly to us) the ongoing support. We took our first dog for training and adopted a second dog. We continue to receive support for both dogs. We also enjoy the group classes and the pack walks as this has given our dogs exposure to other dogs in a controlled environment.

Rich and Christina are amazing!! I have learned so much since working with them and my Lilly Bug has gained so much confidence. They are always willing to help, wether it is a quick response to an email, lending an extra leash, or coming to our home for a training lesson. You cannot go wrong working with them!

Rich and Christina were so patient with my Chuva and they were very helpful with helping my mom and me walk him better. The pack walks they have been hosting have been amazing for helping desensitize my dog aggressive dog which is a relief for my life. I definitely recommend them.

Rich and Christina are fun to work with. We learned a lot from them, and they obviously care a lot about dogs. Shadow is a better dog now and we are very grateful.

Effective training at its best! We sought the help of Misguided Mutts for our two bulldogs (Rosie & Bella) who were an absolute nightmare to walk on a leash. They were both extremely reactive to other dogs. Bella, who weighs 100 lbs., was especially difficult to handle. We were AMAZED (and pleasantly surprised) with the results after just the first lesson for proper leash training! Rich and Christina are very knowledgable and professional. Their compassion and love of dogs is also evident in the work they do with fosters and local organizations to improve the chances of these less fortunate pups of finding their forever homes. I highly recommend Misguided Mutts to anyone having any kind of issues with their dogs, or simply needing guidance with basic training! We can't thank them enough for their help! Rosie and Bella are much happier too!

Rich and Christina are true professionals! They helped us with our dog Katie (a happy little Shiz-poo mix)! Katie was a little nippy and was not good at walks. After a few lessons with Rich and Christine, Katie is well behaved and walks are a pleasure. Thank you Misguided Mutts!

As the owner of a large 3yr old male Rottweiler that was becoming tough to handle; this team was my lifeline. I highly recommend :)

I can't thank Rich and Christina enough. We had our hands full with our rescued pit mix, Cash. He had many issues and was a very anxious dog. Misguided Mutts gave us a really good suggestions of things to work on at home. We began to see immediate results. Cash is still a work in progress, but I am very hopeful to continue to see improvement. With every lesson, we continue to see progress. Rich and Christina are so patient and make sure that everything makes sense to us so that we can continue to practice new skills. I highly recommend them!

I liked my dog before. Now, everyone does! Thanks to Rich and Christina.

Rich and Christina were great at helping us to learn how to read our dog and suggesting how we can address and correct his bad behavior. We are very pleased. We are seeing improvement and gaining confidence. The pack walks and group classes that Rich and Christina offer are also great for reinforcing what we learned.

I took my dog here for leash reactivity issues when walking and jumping on people when they come to my house. My Dog had a 2 hour training lesson with Rich and Christina. I walked him this evening after work and there was a dramatic difference in the walk!!! Rich and Christina are very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Misguided Mutts!!!

This review is long overdue. You cannot get any better than working with Rich and Christina! After classes and one other trainer, nothing seemed to be working for us. They know just how to train your dog and you the human. Penny, our Great Dane was already a good girl but just needed help with some issues of pulling on her leash, not allowing us to eat dinner, counter surfing and food stealing and how to greet people. After just 1 lesson we were able to walk Penny with just one finger holding the leash....no more pulling! After our second lesson Penny was able to greet the UPS man, kids and any visitors at our front door in a calm manner. All of this is thanks to Rich and Christina. The best part is how much they love what they do....and they should, they rock!