Dog Training

Misguided Mutts uses a balanced dog training approach to help our canine friends become the loveable, well-behaved family members we all want. Praising the good and correcting undesired behavior is a matter of employing a simple Yes/No concept that is uncomplicated, easy to learn, and effective.

Dogs do not arrive at your home already trained. They have no idea about boundaries and what is or isn't acceptable behavior. Building trust and loyalty between dogs and their owners is the job of Misguided Mutt's Lead Trainer, Rich Simmons. His long-time experience, friendly manner and natural ability are some of the skills he will use to show you how to successfully understand and interact with your dog.

Misguided Mutts has the tools and techniques of dog training to address and correct jumping, biting, barking and other poor manners from anxiety to aggression, so you and your canine companion will enjoy a life-long and happy relationship.

Trainer Rich Simmons

Rich is dedicated to showing you how to understand and interact properly with your dog. He will make sure that every client is satisfied no matter what the conditions or behavioral issues are.

He is dedicated to doing everything in his power to help resolve your dogs issues. He has been a dog lover his entire life having dogs as far back as he can remember. He has a knack for dealing with issues from anxiety to aggression. Rich understands canine behavior and has turned around many dogs and made many relationships between owners and their dogs successful by building trust and loyalty.

Trainer Christina Simmons

Christina has always had a love for dogs. She viewed dogs in a whole different light when she dived into the rescue world and adopted a feral dog who she named Stud Muffin. Stud Muffin taught her a lot during his road to recovery such as the patience and understanding needed to help dogs with issues such as his. When it comes to Misguided Mutts we would not be where we are or where we are going to go. Her determination and soft touch are valuable assets to our company.

Stud Muffin

Stud Muffin has become our main go-to dog when it comes to introductions and socialization. Studs has a great knack for helping us read a dog's energy level and state of mind. He is our man when it comes to distractions and is a large part of our socialization process. Look for big things to come from this guy.


New to Misguided Mutts, King is already proving his worth and value to our team. With his puppy-like energy he is a great distraction and looks pretty dapper while doing it. King is learning from the best....Brutus, and as time progresses will take the reigns along with Stud Muffin to be our go-to dogs. King is only getting better and better and will help rehab dogs for many years to come.


Lucky is our older gal that is great for keeping dogs in check. She has a knack for knowing when dogs are acting up and will let them know accordingly to knock it off. She shows off her playful side, but only once that dog has earned it.


Jade is one of our double shot sisters. Along with Kiki they make great distractions as they prance and flirt and provide the excited energy that we sometimes need.


Kiki has mastered the art of cuteness and dazzles dogs with her playful distractions for leash reactivity among other things.

Brutus - in loving memory

Brutus is one of the main staples here at Misguided Mutts. When it comes to socializing and helping dogs learn how to be relaxed around one another dog there is no better! He has helped dogs that have issues being around other dogs as well as helping nervous dogs come out of their shell. Brutus's ability to read dogs is priceless and we use his knowledge and experience to help evaluate what a dog's state of mind currently is.