West Chester PA Dog Training

If your dog has trust in you, your dog will go anywhere with you!

"Walking Coco was an event... If I encountered another dog, she would lunge and bark and snarl [...] and it wasn't even other dogs, it could be bikes or skateboarders. Then [Rich & Christina] came to visit and she has been a star. [...] So now she does well in doggie daycare too, she spents about five hours in a play group, sometimes as large as twelve other dogs!"

"We recently adopted Brice from Response-a-bull organization (RAB). RAB did a fantastic job in caring and providing a superb professional service in his placement with us. I have not had a dog for over 30 years, and needed training in proper dog handling. I was suggested by RAB to reach out to Misguided Mutts and look into some training. Well after discussions and sorting out the logistics, one Friday Brice arrived w/Rich. Right out of the car Rich was on top with behavioral training with me and Brice. He showed me how to take a calm and assertive role. He can read the dog in ways I have not seen before and is always a few steps ahead of it (which I think is the key to properly handle a dog). Rich has been here now for couple of times and I am looking forward to seeing him again shortly. Being in MD, he drives all the way from west Chester. Brice an I enjoy great times together due to great work RAB did and awesome training Rich did. Many times, when we sit on the bench and watch the sunset together, I think of Rich and Caitlyn for all their help in making the moment happen. I highly recommend Rich for anyone who is looking for a dog for the first time or not. There is a lot to learn and mostly reinforcing proper behavior. We need folks like Misguided Mutts & RAB who give their lives to such a noble a just cause."

"I went to visit Petey and Netti last night and just needed to post the good news! They were both very excited to see me but were very responsive and for the first time ever I did not get jumped on by two overly excited dogs! It was wonderful:) Thank you for working with them!"

"Thank you to Rich and Christina for working with our Lola last night. We have not had any luck with other trainers but after several minutes or so Lola was obedient and acting like a toatally different dog. Kudos to you both. If you want the very best trainer/behavior specialist I highly recommend Misguided Mutts." — Craig C

"We wanted to tell you guys a quick story about Lola… Yesterday was her official birthday, she turned 3! We made her re-birthday May 3rd, my birthday – the same day she was going to be put down and we saved her in 2011! Anyway, we decided to try to take her to Concord Pets so she could choose a present! She did EXCELLENT! At first when we took her out of the car she was pulling too hard to get into the door and the collar was choking her…Once we got her to sit and fixed the placement of it, she was so good. There weren't any dogs in the store, just people and she could care less about them…the cats in the cages up front caught her eye, but that was all, we turned around and just ignored them. She was actually "shopping", then chose something and we took her home! THANK YOU- THANK YOU - THANK YOU - We would never have been able to even attempt that trip with the "old" Lola! You guys are AWESOME!" — Donna C

"I recently took on a puppy mill breeder dog as a foster. The poor girl was depressed, had never walked on a leash, and was content lying in her own filth. A friend put me in touch with Rich and Christina for some assistance and one visit from them made a huge difference. Rich and Christina immediately took charge, wouldn't allow the dog to mope around, and had her walking around the block in one visit. The two of them accomplished more with her in 30 minutes than I had in three days. They not only helped out my foster dog by getting her on her feet, but gave me the skills and confidence that I needed to be a good foster mom."

"We recently adopted a one year old dog from the ACCT shelter in Philadelphia. While she was living at the shelter she was my Pen Pal. She was the sweetest, calmest, most quiet dog there. Both inside and outside of her kennel. I had the pleasure of being her Pen Pal for a month until I received the news, she was just too sick to stay there. So, we took her home to foster her until she recovered from a bad cough and some skin issues. We failed as fosters...we decided to adopt:) As time went on we could see our girl Cocoa changing before our eyes. She was coming out of her shell. What a great girl she is! Well, until she encounters a skateboarder, bikes, or other dogs on a walk! Her reactions to these was quite the show. Lots of pulling, jumping, spinning in mid air and barking! No matter what we did we could not break this behavior. We contacted Rich and Christina and after an hour or so Cocoa was sitting on the sidewalk while kids on skateboards were all around her! She was relaxed and just observed. We continued on our walk and encountered several dogs and with Rich and Christina's help she had no ""incidents"" she was walking like a true lady on the leash! I cannot begin to tell you how empowering it is to walk her now, to have such a well behaved dog, who can now be an ambassador for her breed. They taught us so much in the short time they were here, and we are forever grateful for that."

"Rich, I just finished a nice relaxing walk with Tanner, Rowdy and Rachel, and then they did a 'down' right after the walk! We're making progress! Looking forward to seeing you in March!"

"Rich & Christina did more for my dog tonight than I've been able to accomplish in 6 years. Abby and I thank you!! We can't wait to learn more at our next session!!!"

"I recently requested the assistance of Richard from :Misguided Mutts Dog Behavior LLC with my new chihuahua, Lola Lolita. She chews everything in site, tugs so hard on her leash when being walked and doesn't follow directions, among other things. Richard immediately went to work. He taught me how to put her in 'place' where she will sit and wait to be called upon. She is going GREAT with the leash walking. So much so that she does better than my other chihuahua. She waits patiently at the door for her command. Pebbles just whines and whines. Lola also waits for the food to be given to her instead of going wild as she initially did. In the beginning I was highly frustrated and felt nothing could be done but I eventually realized that it was I that really needed to make adjustments as Lola needed patience and time to adjust. She's just a puppy. I am still learning and Lola has a way to go but I am quite certain that with the great tips provided by Richard Lola will be the great dog she is meant to be. THANKS SO MUCH, RICHARD!"